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Wise Registry Cleaner 2017 Latest Version (Setup) and (Portable).

Wise Registry Cleaner is extremely popular among the mass of system tools that specialize in the cleaning of the software database.

With the free Wise Registry Cleaner 9.35 you can remove unnecessary entries from the registry database of your Windows computer (PC). Thanks to the backup function, changes can be undone at any time.

After uninstall of Windows programs, it always happens that even in the registry, data remains behind even if you had used the associated uninstall tool. As a result, the registry database grows over time, which can slow the system.
Wise Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaner

This is where the Wise Registry Cleaner starts by removing any unnecessary or incorrect entries in the registry. Users can choose between a quick search, a thorough search, and a custom search. Found errors are categorized according to the analysis and you can decide for yourself what is to be removed and what is not.

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The registry of Windows is often one of the performance brakes of the computer. This is due to the steadily increasing number of outdated or incorrect entries in the system registry (registry) of Windows . These result from the fact that uninstalled software often does not completely remove its traces and created registry data.
Wise Registry Cleaner starts an automatic state check of the registry. The program recognizes both obsolete and incorrect or potentially dangerous entries. Thanks to the backup function, the user gets the right tool to remove the resulting data garbage. If a current software entry has been found, it will be restored.

freeware registry cleaner download

freeware registry cleaner download

(systems) optimization

The Wise Registry Cleaner is not only for cleaning, but also for optimizing the system. According to the manufacturer, by changing different system settings the performance and stability of the PC as well as the Internet connection can be improved. A fragmentation function is also available.

Wise Registry Cleaner PRO

The application scans in. items such as the registry path of the application, the available items in the start menu, programs that run on startup, browser histories, help files, DLLs, and much more. Wise Registry Cleaner Pro (paid version) has been equipped with export function for founded files to MS Excel and the option to optimize the system and restore the changes. Wise Registry Cleaner is primarily characterized by speed and efficiency


Before any change, the Wise Registry Cleaner ask you to create a backup, so you can undo all changes at any time – this is important, because registry changes sometimes can have unwanted consequences and degrade the stability of the system. With Wise Disk Cleaner temporary and unneeded files on your hard drive can also be found and thus ensure additional free space.

wise registry cleaner 2017


Note: The installation of software may want to set up additional programs on your PC, if you do not want this, you should reject the corresponding offers.

  • File Size: 4 MB
  • Version: 9.35
  • H.Page:
  • Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, 32-bit and 64-bit

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