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Wise Folder Hider Free Download, The small freeware program Wise Folder Hider Free 3.39 makes it easy to hide files and folders on Windows in order to hide them from the eyes of unauthorized users. In addition to local hard disks, this also works on external storage media and the data that being protected, is by a password.

Seriously hiding place

Working with other users on the same computer you may not want them to access your own documents, photos, or videos. This is where the Wise Folder Hider Free comes in, which makes files and folders invisible by clicking, so they are no longer displayed by File Manager like Windows Explorer. In order to use the capabilities of the tool, a master password is created, which makes it difficult for unauthorized users to access the hidden files and directories.

Create Wise Folder Hider Login Password

Wise Folder Hider

Enter password

In order to be safe, the data stored on the hard drive or USB stick can also be individually assigned with a password. Files and folders can be opened with the Open button for editing, without having to be manually switched to visible – after closing the program, the invisibility is automatically applied again.

Simple and effective

Wise Folder Hider Free provides a simple way to protect files and folders from unauthorized access on Windows. On the manufacturer side there is also the possibility to purchase paid Pro version, which provides even more functions. If you would like to encrypt your entire hard drive, the freeware VeraCrypt is an alternative for that task.

How to use

Download the setup file, install and run the program. On the first run it will ask for a password that will be used to access files or folders.
To hide any files you want, you can follow these steps:
• Drag the file / folder to the Home screen of the program;
• Or by the program home screen by clicking “Hide File” to hide files, “Hide Folder” to hide folders or “Hide USB Drive” to hide a removable device.
• In the operation option ‘in right corner’ you can Open that file / folder or unhide it and also you can set a password for that specifically file / folder.

wise folder hider

wise folder hider

Accessing the hidden files

Now with your hidden files, you can view them only by Wise Folder Hider and if you want to show again a file / folder, you need to go in the program and find it in the list of hidden files.
Finally, go to the “Operation” section and select the “Unhide” function so that the file is displayed.

wise folder hider download


  • File Size: 3 MB
  • Version: 3.39
  • H.Page:
  • Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10

unhide hidden folders software free download

Wise Folder Hider 2017 Latest Version (32-bit & 64-bit): DOWNLOAD

For every one who asks for a portable version of the program, unfortunately portable edition not available right now.

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