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VLC Media Player 2020 is, perhaps, the best video and sound player that currently exists in the market. Its compatibility with all types of formats, power, use management and advanced functions make it the best one in its category.

VLC Media Player free download is a portable and multiplatform player, ideal for different versions of Windows, in addition to being the perfect complement for Linux, Mac, iOs, Pocket PC and Android, among others.

VLC Media Player 2020 for Windows, Mac, Linux Supported many formats include MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, MP3, OGG, DVD, SVCD, Audio CD, MP4 / MOV / 3GP, FLV (MKV), etc. It is also worth mentioning that VLC supports the playback of subtitles for movies (.aqt, .cvd, .dks, .jss, .sub, .ttxt, .pjs, .psb, .rt, .smi, .ssf, .srt, .ssa, .sub, .svcd, .usf, .idx, .divx). It is possible to define the encoding of the caption text and adjust the size of the caption text to go with your preferences

It was released in 1996 as an academic project developed as a client and server to transmit videos on the university campus network. Its success was such that it is now developed by programmers from all over the planet.

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What is VLC Media Player for?

VLC 2020 is used to play streaming content, video and audio, multi-format player, view videos from YouTube and other, record videos and sounds, listen for music online, among other functions.

In addition, it controls the audio and subtitle channels from the keyboard and the menu, converts formats and applies effects, although these last two functions may require greater effort on the part of the user.

vlc media player

VLC 2020 latest version supports all types of formats and video codecs, many of them already added in the program itself and numerous compatible extensions such as, for example, AVI, MP4, Quicktime, MPEG, FLV and 3GP. It includes the support for multi-core GPU able to decode, as well as to compatibilize, experimentally, the Blu-Ray format.
Integration with Windows

Integrates perfectly with virtually all existing versions of Windows (2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7). In Windows 8 and window 10 your graphic image will be even more intuitive, allowing interactivity with the user.

In constant evolution It

presents a simple interface, allowing to remain in miniature while playing, for example, a video. Perhaps it is missing a better integration of certain functions in the form of buttons or integrated windows, although it allows slightly modify its interface adapting its support for skins according to the tastes of each user.


VLC Media Player is, therefore, an indispensable program for any computer (desktop, portable). Its versatility and its easy use are, without a doubt, its most notable characteristics. It is, in short, the most complete and most downloaded player, with the permission of the classic Windows Media Player.

VLC Media Player 2020 Full Version supports the following formats
In video: AVI, MPEG, DiVx, WMV, MOV, XviD, 31vX D4, H.264. Cinepak, Theora, Dirac / VC-2, MJPEG (A / B),  VP, RV (Real).

You can also include subtitles: .aqt, .cvd, .dks, .jss, .sub, .ttxt, .pjs, .psb, .rt, .smi, .ssf, .srt, .ssa, .sub, .svcd, .usf, .idx, .divx, ..

Documentation and tips: VLC Wiki

VLC Media Player 2020 Free Download for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android (offline installer)


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