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VLC Media Player 2018 Free Download, In order to play a variety of media content, a player must be found that supports various video and audio formats. because of this, Have VLC Media Player 2018 installed is to make sure that you can run almost any kind of video or music file.

The program includes features that let you perform physical media such as CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays, and run streaming – online channels, online radio etc. All uncomplicated and completely free way.
The VLC player, formerly called VideoLAN Client, developed since 1996 by an international team with developers from over 20 countries. One of the main characteristics of the open source and portable multimedia player is the extensive support of various audio and video codecs without further adjustments need to be made to the program. Moreover, the software can also handle DVDs, video CDs, various streaming protocols and interfaces for TV cards.

VLC Media Player 2018

VLC Media Player 2018

Thanks to the support of formats such as MPEG and DivX can use VLC media player to played videos. In order to check whether the download selected corresponds to the ideas, packed by ZIP files can be played, without requiring them to be unpacked first. Moreover, it is even possible to play AVI files that are incomplete and fragmentary for example due a broken download.

In addition to this extensive support of various media formats VLC offers many features that make dealing with movies, music & CD, DVD. Thus, the program can automatically look for additional information such as album art. If a song or movie has low volume, the total volume can be increased artificially by up to 200 percent of the previous maximum value.

Media player for almost any format

Will not take long search for a suitable codec and try another programs, VLC is one of the most popular solutions for nearly 20 years. Besides being a versatile multimedia player VLC can also be set up as a streaming server. The optics of VLC Media Player 2018 Latest Version can be customized with skins. In addition to the version for systems with Windows OS VLC Full Version can be downloaded among other things for Linux and Mac OS X, for Windows, a version is available that can be executed from USB stick without installation.
Keyboard Shortcuts
The program has a set of keyboard shortcuts that greatly simplify operating the player while watching in full screen mode.
Another feature to which it is worth mentioning is the option to capture and screen recording viewing. By default, they are saved to PNG for high quality. The application can also be used as so-called. server for transmission “uncast” and “multicast” (IPv4, IPv6).

Sound’s Volume

The use of the volume, is worth a note: VLC Media Player 2018 allows you to override the natural maximum volume of your computer. While competitors such as KMPlayer, Media Player Classic and BS Player only provide 100% volume, VLC Media Player reaches incredible 125% of volume. But remember: do not use the maximum volume with headphones, because your hearing may be damaged permanently.

VLC Filters

VLC Filters


The program also supports multiple formats to display subtitles. VLC media player supports popular format Blu-ray, as well as modern multi-core processors. Improvements in the decoding of H.264, MPEG-4 and WebM and completely rebuilt the user interface with the configuration options.

vlc subtitles

vlc subtitles

hardware encoding and decoding, and prepared him to play a modern standard of quality Ultra HD. In addition to the improved quality of the extracted audio, increased the number of supported input devices, and removed about a thousand different errors. The new version of VLC media player, codenamed “Renewing” brings many changes and improvements. It improved its system


The VLC Media Player 2018 has a number of features and benefits that make it possibly the best option when it comes to playing audio and video, starting with the implementation of physical media. Select the “Media” option and click “open disk”, then choose the media type and wait for the execution. Another interesting advantage of VLC Media Player 2018 is streaming. You can play online content directly from internet, just copy the transmission link, and again in the “media”, select the “open network stream.” A window will appear with a field where the copied web address should be added. Ready! Now you can track its transmission directly from VLC Media Player 2018.

vlc media


A native important feature of the application is its compatibility with a wide media file library. Only to realize the power of the program, it is capable of playing DivX video files, XviD, D 4, H.264, WMV, IV32, MJPEG, Cinepak, DV, Quicktime, MPEG4, MPEG, MPEG2, AVI and audio files MP3, ACC, OGG, MIDI, AMR, TTA, MPC, Real Audio, WMA, AC3, ACC, Vorbis, among others.

The VLC Media Player 2018 also acts as a sound equalizer. This function can be found on the “effects and filters” in “tools”. In the new window, you can choose the best setting for the type of sound you are hearing through predefined settings or equalizing the sound manually to enable the graphic equalizer. In the same window, you can edit your videos by selecting the tab for this type of media and using the features found in the tabs. You can change light, shadow, exposure, contrast, color tints; changing the geometry of the video; cut the screen and much more.

Another feature of the program that can also be found in known players is adding subtitles to your videos. Simply select the “subtitle” option. Look for the subtitle file in the window that will open and open it.


Standalone (offline) setup (latest stable version 2.2.4) from official links, for PC windows XP, windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, 32-bit (x86) & 64-bit (x64), Linux, Mac, IOS, Android.

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