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Universal Master Code Calculator Full Version, The software can be used to unlock a lot of Huawei devices and some of Nokia devices (list of supported devices below). The program interface is a clean easy to use interface, divided into partitions making easy access to all supported devices. The program is completely free.

How to use

All you need to do is, download the file below universal master code Calculator v 04 and run the file named universal master code clculator exe  (you will need a software like WinRAR, WinZip, or any ather to uncompressed .rar file). Enter imei code in the imei field then click Culculate when you plug in a modem with unsupported sim a pop-up window will open, then in the empty field copy and post the unlock code that you get from universal mastercode

Support Devices

Huawei: E270, E226, E19, E182E, E180, E1762, E176, E172, E170, E169G, E169 E800,E870 E880 EG162 E880 EG162 EG162G EG602 EG602G, E660a, E660, E630+, E620, E630, E618, E612, E510, E272, E271 E166, E161, E160G, E160, E156G, E1552, E1550, E155, E156 Huawei vodafone: K3565, K2540, K3520, K3515 ZTE: SFR 114, SFR 231, SFR 232, SFR 241, SFR 251, SFR 341, SFR 342, SFR 343, SFR Messenger Edition 251, Orange Vegas, Vodafone Indie, ZTE A261+, ZTE GX760, ZTE GX761, ZTE GR230, ZTE X760, ZTE X761, ZTE X960, ZTE X990, T-Mobile Vairy Touch vk: VK 200, VK i200, VK i230 NFC: C316, C313, E613, E606, E808, E616


Universal master code calculator

Universal master code calculator


Universal master code calculator final 2016

Universal master code calculator final 2018


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