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SmartDefrag Latest Version, Software that offers to user a complete diagnosis of the performance of the hard drive, that improves PC performance

With intensive use hard disks become even slower due to the fragmentation of the file system. defragmentation programs such as the free IObit  SmartDefrag 5.8, which restores the optimal hard-disk performance, help’s you to solve the problem.

whether a hard disk uses the FAT or NTFS file system: When saving new
files, the associated data blocks are not always stored side-by-side, but some times
also scattered over the file system. so-called fragmentation can cause a
noticeable deterioration in read and write speeds.

The freeware IObit SmartDefrag of the developer IObit sets exactly here (for that process). It re-arranges the data blocks and thus ensures a best speed of data access. The security of the data is guaranteed at all times and the hard disk cannot be damaged by the process.

Program Interface

Its interface is simple and its functions are easy to find, especially the images that facilitate the identification of each option.



How To Us

The defragmenter process is a simple task and that brings many benefits to your computer. Through it, the files contained on the hard drives of your PC will be rearranged so that the system quickly identify free areas to skip them in the execution of a program and run the commands quickly.

Boot Time Defrag

In defrag, SmartDefrag free download uses the BootTime DiskDefrag technology, which intelligently sorts the data according to the frequency of use and thus provides additional speed . In addition to magnetic hard disks, the tool is also suitable for modern solid-state drives (SSD) thanks to the TRIM function.

To perform these optimizations at scheduled intervals, you can select any of automatic defrag options. Besides the standard option, you schedule a specific date for the task, you can use the “Defragmenter on Boot”.

SmartDefrag 2018

Through it, defrag will run before starting the operating system. This task can leave the Windows boot time a little slower, but brings many subsequent advantages that exceed this small “delay”. SmartDefrag full version is one of the best defrag software.

Supports: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10

SmartDefrag 2018 Free Download: Here

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