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Those who want to communicate with friends and connections on the Internet, can
choose between a number of different chat and telephony programs these days. A proven and comprehensive solution provides Microsoft with Skype 2018 (version

But Microsoft wants to offer with Skype 2018 more than just an online communications
tool: For a fee , you can also call via Skype wherever landlines and send text
messages. You can also buy a Skype number, from any landline telephones accessible worldwide. If you are offline, Skype can forward incoming calls to a landline or mobile number.

Skype 2018 Free Download works in the here offered desktop version requires Windows XP with SP3, Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1. To make video calls you need of course a webcam and a
microphone. On the official website you can also download versions for other
operating systems, including Mac, Linux, iOS or Android.
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Skype: So you remove the banners from the chat window

Skype Translator as Windows 10 App
With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft had the “modern” version of the app set .
Meanwhile, however, a preview version of Skype Translator via the Windows Store to
download that includes all the features of the old app and also still can translate
video and voice calls.

New Version
In Version 7, the design of the program has been updated. The aim was to make
Skype a consistent look across all platforms. In chat messages now appear as speech
bubbles, also the profile images of the interlocutors are displayed. Shared photos
will appear directly in the chat window, files are marked with the appropriate

skype 2017

For calls, the window can now be divided into a telephone and chat view, which is
to facilitate the exchange of files during a call. With the alternative compact
view Skype accepts now also less space on the desktop. In addition, the new version
of the touch screen has been optimized.

To allow Skype chats besides written the transmission of voice and image. This not
only calls between two persons are possible. Anyone who wants to bring several of
his friends or the whole family together in a video call. In such a call can
simultaneously talk to 25 people in same time – now this former toll function is free.

Transfer Files

in most recent version of skype 2018, Also can transfer files of any format and any size with Skype 2018 english. This can for example be holiday pictures or presentation that can be shared with individuals or all members of a group. You can send to your friends and short video messages, even when they are offline. Even the own screen can be shared via Skype with friends and
colleagues. This is up to ten participants same time – ideal if you want to show a presentation on the Internet.

Skype Install

Click our Download button to download the Skype Beta for Windows. After the
Download is complete, double-click on the installer icon to start the setup.

installation wizard until the end of the installation process.

skype install
Full integration between Facebook and Skype
One of the great advantages of the newest version of Skype is not just import your
list of Facebook contacts, but full integration between the two accounts. In this
way you pass not only view your social network, but also pass the follow status
updates in your timeline and more.

With the preview feature contact list, you can do an online chat between Skype
contacts and Facebook friends freely and can create groups and create chat rooms
with large numbers of people simultaneously.
if that is not enough, now you can make a cam chat with your Facebook
contacts using your webcam, facilitating conversations on video and video
conferencing between multiple participants from different social networks.
Try Skype 2018 Latest Version with these new functions and explore the full potential of this
program that is already part of the Windows operating system, with new updates
from time to time to keep it competitive in the text messaging market for free.

Skype for Linux

The new conversation window allows you to manage all the recent conversations in
one place. No more multiple chat windows. Chat window with a more elegant and
transparent appearance makes the start conversations faster and easier.
This version includes unusual features previously available in previous versions for Windows PCs, Linux and Mac computers, which support Skype Access, call waiting, the option of switching between calls, conversations high quality video and audio is characterized by an extremely wide bandwidth. the conversations will be even more direct and more clearly.

All Connected
The new version has also been modified to take advantage of certain features of Windows 10. For example, you can link Skype and Microsoft accounts, so that when you log into the system using the Microsoft ID, Skype 2018 Latest Version automatically logged.
When in call, you can conduct chats with video using the entire screen, the text messages will be shown in the form side of the screen. At any time you can slip between the software screens to view recent activity, which can be very useful if you are talking to several people simultaneously.

If you prefer, you can also move Skype to the side of the screen, just as any other program on Windows. The Skype 2018 chat takes only one-third (or two thirds) of the screen, so you can use the rest of the screen to browse or open another application simultaneously.
The Skype dialer has also been enhanced. When you go to search engine result page an icon will appear. Through it you can make quick calls to any contact. Simply click on it and will display the dial pad to mobiles and landlines.

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  • Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, Mac OS X, Android

Standalone (offline) setup and online version from official website, for PC windows XP, windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, 32-bit (x86) & 64-bit (x64), Linux, Mac, IOS, Android.

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