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Samsung Auto Backup fro pc is an ideal program for those who have an external hard drive Samsung’s brand. This tool has two options for creating backup, according to your preferences. You can either do it in real time or in specific periods of time (scheduled).

To avoid losing important files (photos gallery, documents, music..), backup is something essential as creating a backup is a guarantee that your data can be restored in full status and in a very recent version. If you have external hard drives from Samsung, this program can help you in this significant task. How the program works after setup, you need to set some options to use the program.

For this, the program has a tutorial mode (wizard) that will help during the process. To start creating backup for you files, remember that your external hard drive must be connected. The first thing to do is select the drive on which the backup will be made.
Samsung Auto Backup
Starting the process then you must specify the location where the backup will be stored. also you can choose some optional features offered by the program in order to make your life easier. You can, for example, compress the files to take up less space, choose if the program writes an activity history (and where it stores) and chose if the Samsung Auto Backup window will be closed when the backup completes. Once this is done Samsung Auto Backup asks what types of items you want include in the backup. The filters of the program itself can be used to set this option. Finally it asks if you want to scheduled the task.

You have a hard drive that’s Samsung brand, then try this free tool instead Free Personal Backup

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