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My WIFI Router is a free program that turns your computer into a hotspot by sharing Internet access with other devices or computers that support wireless network.

My Wifi Router Latest Version also provides files between devices connected to the same network. In addition, it has a feature WiFi Extender, which extends the range of Wi-Fi networks. It creates virtual chat rooms to conduct discussions on the LAN, etc …

Members using this application can share the Internet connection (LAN, Ethernet, 3G / 4G or WiFi) for many devices such as laptops, smartphones, and PDAs. My WIFI Router also displays detailes information about the connected devices – the name, IP address or MAC address.

Furthermore, this application makes shareing internet easy, is not necessary to make any changes to your network adapter or the operating system. Similarly, you can share both realized via cable connection and access that is being done wirelessly.

Share Internet

If you’ve been through a situation in which there were limitations in connection or there is not a WiFi router around. You know how it is uncomfortable if necessary to enter the internet via a mobile device. The idea My WiFi Router is that you never have this kind of problem, turning your computer into an access point.

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Preparing Connection

The program operates on a single separate window tab for easy identification of its features. Once installed, the application is ready for use and does not require you to make adjustments on your computer to make sharing. on the other hand, it is worth remembering that if you have a firewall installed on your computer, you may need to add a security exception to the application, allowing it to work properly.

How it works

Although the program does not need settings on the computer to create the hotspot, you required to make some adjustments in the options offered. In the “Advance Setting”, you need to specify the network card being used (although this option can be automatically recognized) and the type of connection you want to share (between WiFi and local connection via cable) and if you want  to select security mechanisms, use the “Sharing Mode” section.

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The program provides all key features on the home screen, eliminating any need to navigate several menus to find exactly the tool you need. After completing the installation of the tool, it is not necessary to make any complex configuration to enable sharing. The only point that is important to remember is that My WiFi Router needs to be added as an exception in the firewall list (if you have one).

By performing all procedures mentioned, you will need to create a virtual routing system. Please fill out the network name field, according to your preference. Below, you can set a password to protect access and prevent anyone from using your internet (you must provide a combination with at least 10 characters).

To permit  the sharing function, click the “Start” button and test on some device to the access point which is available for connection, and then typing the password that you set when creating the hotspot.

To end the hotspot, just click “Stop”. During the time in which your access point is on, you can track who is connected to it via the “Status” tab. There, you can see a list of the device and the IP, there is a substitute to prevent the connection through the listed devices if desired.


Version 1 (2014) WITH Advance Setting : DOWNLOAD

Version 3 (2015) NO Advance Setting : DOWNLOAD

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