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Firefox 2018 Free Download – Offline Installer

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most used browsers in the world today. Its interface has a minimalist standard, following the most market alternatives, centralizing all resources in a single menu with large, intuitive icons. In this new version of Mozilla Firefox 2018 he has support GStreamer 1.0 and unknown plugins can no longer be automatically activated.

Some time ago, Mozilla changed the strategy of launching new versions of its Firefox browser. Now the company offers new browser versions in shorter periods than usual.

Mozilla Firefox 2018 continues with a minimalist interface, certainly inspired by Google Chrome 2018. tabs system allows the user to navigate multiple websites without the need to open multiple instances of the program. private browsing function is very useful because with it, Mozilla Firefox does not stored history, data from the pages and the search items, cookies and temporary files. only be careful the downloaded files and new favorites will be saved. In addition to these options, the browser continues with the basic functions of any other similar application: bookmark manager, support for add-ons and data synchronization from the cloud.

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Mozilla Firefox 2017

Quickly Clean the History and Cookies

To simplify the process of clearing the browsing history and cookies, the latest version of Firefox lets you add an icon on the toolbar that performs this task. By clicking it, you will clear all cookies and history of the last 5 minutes, 2 hours or 24 hours, and close all current pages.

It is noteworthy that the action cannot be reversed after finalized. So be sure to save all important links in a notepad, bookmark system or any other way you prefer.


New Search Engine

To expand the range of varieties offered by Mozilla Firefox 2018, now DuckDuckGo is available. Unlike other search tools, it’s not tracking your preferences, and does not have advertisements. Thus, websites and advertising tools will not display specific advertisements according to your own searches.

PDF Reader

The default integrated PDF viewer on the browser, means that now is no more needed to install an external plug-in in Firefox to make it display a document in PDF format. This viewer even works the same as in Google Chrome, which also supports viewing PDF files by default.

Firefox PDF Reader

Now, whenever you click a PDF document in the browser, it will open directly on the screen. The controls are displayed at the top, which you can save or print the document, and use features like zoom, or go directly to a specific page. You can also switch to the display mode and display the PDF in full screen. During the tests, we managed to open multiple PDFs on various tabs with no problem, since there was no lockups. The secret behind the reader is that it converts PDFs
to HTML 5.

Memory Control

Many users complain about the amount of RAM required by Mozilla Firefox 2018, especially when installed some extensions. According to Mozilla, some improvements in the new version of Mozilla firefox program solved this problem, that is, you can now install as many add-ons you want without Consume a lot of system resources. Every time a new extension is added, the Mozilla Firefox sets the memory automatically used by it.


The browser security is defined by four levels. In this new version we had 12 critical security flaws that have been arranged. So that you understand the levels, they are three:
Critical : high vulnerability that allows attacks to your computer, they can begin to execute code or even install software without user interaction, unlike common navigation we are accustomed. As we can see, it is the most serious flaw browser and also that was tidier in this new update. This can be good and bad at the same time, after all the browser contained many security flaws, but the developers bother to find all, end them and launch your product more securely. Every browser has security holes and from time to time developers try to fix them, it is not exclusive of Mozilla;

Firefox New Version

High : Vulnerability that allows the injection of code with malicious intent to sites that are online. That’s not very hard to do, as to such Connect ability users with systems. For these records and data to be transferred, simply a common access as we are wont to do.

Moderate : This vulnerability could cause the same effects of the last prior, the difference is in the use of those in the computer. He needs the user is doing complicated steps and messing with the internet code to function; Low : Low Vulnerabilities that allow DNS attacks or even data breaches at some


Java is considered unsafe by Mozilla, so the company decided to remove the option always active plugin. As you may know, the plugins have three states in Firefox: Active Always: means it is enabled on all sites by default; Never turn: it is disabled by default; Ask before activating: means that the user is prompted before the plugin is activated in the enabled page.

Firefox 2017

Firefox Hello

The tool is, in short, a common teleconferencing, if not for one detail: you do not need the browser, a plugin or something installed on both computers to use it. Just as you have Firefox on your PC and using Hello, send the generated link to the one you want to chat. The conversation begins as soon as the person open the page, whatever the system or browser used by him. To get an idea of the operation.

In these new version

by upgrade mozilla firefox latest version free

The version 50 of the browser is bringing a number of new features, including two held as principal. Next, you can check more details of each:

This function randomly afford for some selected users the option of giving a note for Firefox. This note is sent to the base of the Mozilla team, which will work based on the feedback received.

Changes for Developers
Some changes in the security panel and animations facilitate the visibility of all useful tools. In addition, some optimizations options will make the productivity slightly higher.

Security Fxes
By default all updates, security flaws found in previous versions were corrected. All these futures and more you gets it by Download and Install Mozilla Firefox

Do you want to install the portable version?

If you do not already know, Mozilla Firefox 2018 has a portable version of Firefox, you use the same features as the desktop version, but do not need to install it on your
PC. You Interested? Click here and check.

Click the blue button to get download links: Standalone (offline) setup version and online version from official links, for PC windows 10, windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit; Linux 32-bit and 64-bit, Mac OS X , IOS and Android APK

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