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Mozilla Firefox 2020 free download is perhaps, the best Internet browser that currently available today. Its compatibility with all types of web pages, power, usage management and advanced functions make it almost unique and special in its category. Mozilla Firefox is, perhaps.

It is a free web browser belongs to the open source category, ideal for a range of versions of Windows, as well as being the perfect complement for Linux, Mac, iOs and Android. Its latest version is ‘57’ called Firefox Quantum 2020. So what new in this new version?

What’s new? A lot more modern, user interface than the previous versions.

A powerful,  and a new engine that’s built for speed performance.

Better, faster page loading that uses less computer resources.

Powerful private browsing mode with integrated tracking protection function.

Gorgeous design and smart features for intelligent browsing.

Sync your devices: Seamlessly access your passwords, bookmarks on every device

Integrated add-on to save pages to read for later

The new search bar offers helpful suggestions, based on what you typing

And lot more and more…

Firefox Quantum

What Mozilla Firefox used for?

It serves to navigate through any website and stands out for its brightness, power, versatility, stability and speed. It also improves the following functions themes that personalize the browser interface; compatibility with HTML5, CSS3, Java and Flash and optimization of Gecko and Javascript engines, without forgetting continuous improvements in speed.

In addition, it continuously introduces functions that facilitate Internet browsing, based on tabbed browsing, bookmarking, extensions support and can be complete personalize by the user.

Firefox 2020

Mozilla Firefox 2020 download includes a panel for web developers, advanced privacy and security settings, configurable and easily accessible search engines, PDF reader, fixed tabs, and installation of web add-ons …

Mozilla Firefox 2020 for pc stands out for the extensions, add-ons or plugins that can be installed depending on the needs and tastes of each user. With this, you get a browser customized for each one. Some of the essential extensions are, for example: Adblock Plus (blocks ads), Stylish (changes the appearance of a website), Greasemonkey (applies scripts for many functions ) and Picnik (graphic editor very similar to Photoshop), and more others.

Mozilla Firefox

Integration with Windows

It integrates perfectly with virtually all existing versions of Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, windows 10).
presents a simple interface, allowing you to get the most out of your browsing time. Its continuous improvements, in the form of versions, make it a basic and essential program for any desktop / or mobile device.



Firefox 2020 Offline Installer is, without a doubt, the free web browser par excellence for both PC desktop or laptop and for any mobile device. It stands out for adapting to the tastes of each user, in addition to offering a wide range of possibilities in the form of extensions and web applications that differentiate it from Chrome, its most direct competitor.

•Compatible with Windows, MAC, Linux, Android and IOS.

• Huge catalog of extensions to enhance your browser

• Browsing tabs, bookmarks and support for extensions

• Private navigation

•Tracking Protection

•Quicker Page Loading By blocking ads and pop-ups

• New download manager• Better performance and HTML support

• Includes improvements of previous versions

Firefox 2020 Latest version Free Download:


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