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DriverMax is an application that lets you update all the drivers of your system.

The program can identify all installed drivers and compare their versions with the information on the DATABAS. Software that is out of date may be marked by the user and then be updated all at once.

This ensures time savings to look for and download the each driver needed. In addition, DriverMax can be very useful for day to day as well, allowing you to always have the most current drivers and keep your computer up and running.

In its new version, the DriverMax won a revamped interface. also, you can now use the program in any language without even having to access the settings and make changes. In the installation you are asked which language the program should display the first startup.

Keep everything up to date

Once you start the DriverMax for the first time, it displays your home screen with some technical information about your computer, such as OS version, processor, RAM etc. On the right of this screen, you have the “Analyze drivers now” button. Click it to scan in all your drivers and find out what can be upgraded to the latest version.

This may take a while, but soon you will see the results. All items marked in red can be updated by the program. Hovering the cursor for each of them, you will see a button labeled “Update.” Click it to automatically download and install the new version of the driver. The DriverMax will create a restore point in Windows, and then the download is ready, will install for you. You may have to restart the computer after each procedure.

drivermax latest version

In the free version of DriverMax, the program can only make one update at a time. You have to do everything manually and wait a procedure finish to start another. In the PRO version, you can select all the items you want to update and then click on “Download and Install” to do everything at once.


At the top of the window, you still find a tab called “Backup.” Through it you can create a system restore point so that any changes or problems caused by updating drivers can be reversed easily. If you want only to back up the current version of a driver before installing the latest version, use the “Create a driver backup file.”
In the “Restore” tab, you get several options to restore Windows itself from a point created in the previous tab or return to the previous version of the driver that you have backed up into.

DriverMax is a software that can be very useful for advanced users and also for beginners. The tool can make driver update very simple and fast, which can save the time and make a clean Windows installation on a PC.

Program Interface

The DriverMax interface has evolved considerably in its last version, getting more organized and even more modern. However, it still has a look dated because the icons used and the colors.
However, we had no problem using the program, which is simple, organized and now also translated into new languages (Portuguese..) Thus, the program becomes more competitive and can be a good alternative for those who do not like the most popular software in this segment, as SlimDrivers and Driver Booster. So, yes we can recommend the DriverMax.



Windows 10 and Windows 8/8.1
However, it is interesting to note that updating drivers can cause many problems, especially in very recent versions of Windows, such as Windows 10. DriverMax even works perfectly well with this version of Microsoft’s OS, but the drivers may not be adapted well.

In our tests, we update the Graphics Card Driver on our computer and face countless issues. We were forced to revert to the system restore point created by DriverMax earlier to we can have a functional system (PC) again.

driver max full version


  • File Size: 5 MB
  • Version: 9
  • H.Page:
  • Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10

i recommend all users to create a restore point before updating any driver, you can create a restore point from program interface in “RESTORE TAB” look above.

DriverMax 2017 Latest Version (Version 9) (32-bit & 64-bit): DOWNLOAD

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