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Chrome 2018 Free Download

Google Chrome 2018 is one of the most used browsers today (Chrome web browser developed by google), and it is almost impossible to find a computer without the Google Chrome Browser. By becoming a preference in Internet access for many users, this browser take his part of the market from the beginning.

Google browser, with just seven years of history, has become the most popular in the world with hundreds of millions of users and over 50% market share.

A browser constantly evolving, The Google Chrome 2018 today bears little similarity to the previous versions that were launched back in 2008. Each new update brings new features that promise to improve the experience of using this browser, making it even better, lighter, stable and secure … and helping gaining more and more user. The best that we liked most of the latest versions are: Mute tabs :


Chrome 2017

Chrome 2018

One of the latest improvements in this new google chrome version is the possibility of silencing tabs individually. Now , a small speaker icon squeal on the tab and the user only has to click on it to silence the voice that came from that tab. No more OK Google . In an attempt to lighten even more if it fits your browser, Google decided to do anything to eliminate the voice command OK Google with Google Now the wizard is invoked in the desktop version of Chrome. simply that now only activated by clicking on the blue microphone that no one usually used.

Flash Player

Block Flash by Default. We all know that Flash is almost dead as far as content is concerned, where HTML 5 has clearly won the game. But Google probably put the final nail in the coffin in one of its latest updates, disabling default ads in Flash , making the user experience safer (we know the infinite vulnerabilities related to Adobe Flash Player) and more.

User Data

After installation, the user can access Google account’s. All markers, settings are stored on the server of Google. As a result, after a reboot or login to another computer, all your data can be restored include browser history, bookmarks, and favorites. With Google Chrome does not have to worry about making backups frequently. The browser is designed so that the various elements of the interface does not occupy space on the screen of the content. We can classify the tabs and use the mouse to move freely between them, duplicate, or open in separate windows. Each tab run separately, which has no impact on the stability of the browser as the error in one of the tabs will not impact the entire tabs.

Browser Interface

The browser interface is friendly and transparent. The address bar can be used to enter the exact address of a site directly or for serching width best search resources by Google search engine. You will also have access to Chrome 2018 Web Store; one store applications built on the model of its most popular as the iPhone mobile counterparts. In the store you will find plenty of free applications and extensions for Google Chrome 2018, so that the experience in the use of Google Chrome will be even better, more interesting and more personalized. Chrome Web Store has a wide selection of games, add-ons and plug-ins for the browser. google chrome for pc latest version also cares about your privacy.

Chrome Interface

Chrome Interface

Incognito Mode

To this end, incognito mode is implemented, which we can surf the web without saving the list of visited pages in our history. In addition, all sessions login and password saved during incognito mode are deleted after you close the browser window. This mode can be used while the normal mode as it may be limited to some windows specifically And that competition is stiff, with Mozilla Firefox 2018 trying to imitate everything  good about this Web browser and Microsoft Internet Explorer improving by leaps and bounds and launching new alternatives such as the new version called Internet  Edge.

And all this without forgetting Safari or Opera. Google Chrome English, the browser that you would install is free. Why triumphs Chrome? If we were to ask a user of this browser based on the Chromium project because you think your browser is better than its competitors, you could talk about a lot of comparative RAM consumption or speed, but basically what you like to Chrome users are small details. Able to browse in Incognito mode (by clicking on Ctrl + Shift + N or by menu in right side so , you can surfing internet width not saving  browsing history or search), quick searches from the same box, that box for all that has become the bar directions, or the large number of extensions from the  Chrome Web Store

chrome web store

chrome web store

to provide extra functionality to the browser, one of the most successful of Chrome Remote Desktop, which allows us to remotely control another PC, are just some examples.

with That said, maybe his main success is the fact that the products and services of Google (such is Google Maps, Gmail or YouTube, and many others) have become part of our lives, and use Chrome provides us much to integrate all these services , but the truth is that has also earned its position on market  thanks to its ease of use, lightness, stability and security, in addition to the aforementioned functions.

we shouldn’t forget that the same close relationship between Chrome 2018 and another of the star products of Google, such as Android, allows us to directly execute applications of this mobile operating system, in APKs format directly in the browser.

Chrome 64-bit

Should I upgrade to the 64-bit version
Google release the 64-bit version of chrome in 2014-08-26 started from version 37.0.2062
chrome latest stable version 53 is certainly support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1 of 64 bits .
The second most important feature of this new version is support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1 64 – bit . Google Chrome 64-bit – bit load and faster runs content better maximizing hardware resources. With this new version you can get a 25% better performance than 32 – bit version. So yes if your computer support 64-bit we recommend you to get it upgrade.

Note: The browser does not automatically change the architecture of your version , so if we move from the 32-bit to 64-bit we do it manually. To do this we must take the following steps:

Safe your data from lost. To back up our profile (history, bookmarks, etc.) must copy the following folder and restore it if any data is lost, by going to:
C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome
Or by searching for USER DATA, make sure that file in result is located in location above
Then copy the file named USER DATA to safe place you will get it back the it’s place when the 64-bit version of chrome installed.

– Uninstall the current version of chrome
– Get latest google chrome version in 64 – bit from here.
– Install the new version.

Once the installed is complete we can check if we have the 64-bit version by typing in the address bar: chrome://chrome
To get back your data such is history and bookmarks and saved password copy and past the folder USER DTATA that you have been copied in (Step One) to its original location

Click the blue button to get download links: Standalone (offline) version and online version from official links from google

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